Healthy Arts

We are a not-for-profit organisation of Wigan-based arts professionals who deliver workshops and/or projects to enhance the mental and physical wellbeing of individuals and/or for the benefit of the community. Working with groups or individuals, we can create bespoke arts projects and learning on almost any theme to meet the specific needs of service users and groups.

We engage:

Providing a wide range of creative arts-based activities and training opportunities for people who are, or maybe at risk of experiencing physical and / or mental health problems.

We empower:

Promoting access, participation and recovery by helping people to feel involved and to regain confidence, self-esteem, social and communication skills and emphasise what people can discover by themselves.

We inspire:

Increasing individual capacity for innovation and learning, problem solving and leadership skills, develop creative skills and discover new areas of creative expression, to nurture aspiration.

We put the art back into Wigan.


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