Paul S. Foster


Self-taught artist with over 50 years’ experience, specialising in Sculpting for the last 30 years

Paul is an artist and sculptor working in acrylics, graphite, pastels, watercolour, black ink and charcoal for his paintings and drawings and recycled materials and bronze for his sculptures.

Paul’s passion is wildlife and this is his main subject in his many and varied works, A few years ago he discovered that not only could he paint and draw animals but that he could also sculpt them as well.

Using household rubbish (cardboard, paper and polystyrene), Paul has made a number of studies of his favourite wildlife species from recycled materials - these have often been mistaken for real bronzes! He has recently started sculpting to cast in real bronze using the lost wax process.

Paul runs art demos, workshops and classes in sculpting and painting specialising in sculpture for complete beginners using no specialist tools, equipment or materials and working with a wide range of ages and people of all abilities.

Paul S. Foster

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