Wendy Boyers

Visual Artist

B.A. (Hons) Fine Art, PGCE FE

Wendy offers a wide range of workshops that provide a high standard of quality community artwork. Her main areas are abstract expression / painting, sculptures from recycled / found objects and mono and block printing.

She has a passion for inclusion, giving children and adults the opportunity to gain skills, experiences and self-esteem through their own creativity. Wendy enjoys challenging social problems through art and creating collaborative artwork for the community, by the community – using art as a platform to provide opportunities to develop and promote soft skills and social inclusion. Wendy works from one of the studio spaces at Cross Street Arts, Standish.

Website: www.umbrella-arts.org

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Wendy Boyers

Contact Details

Call: 07542 114 383 Email: contactus@healthyarts.org.uk


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