We work with individuals, groups and communities to devise and deliver exciting and inspiring bespoke heritage and arts-based projects and performances. We uncover hidden stories, celebrate and commemorate actions or events, bring forgotten people and places to life, share amazing facts - and create an unforgettable experience for everyone.

We put people first and build our projects around them. Whatever they want to learn, explore or experience we will find a way to achieve it wherever that may be. We facilitate workshops and create performances in a wide range of venues from libraries and community centres to schools, churches, cafes, mills and museums.

We make all of our projects, performances and workshops as accessible as possible so that everyone, no matter what their age or ability, can participate and enjoy them. We use the right artist for the right project, drawing from a large pool of local freelance artists who have years of practical experience and strong community links. Please visit our Past Projects section for examples.

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Call: 07542 114 383 Email: contactus@healthyarts.org.uk


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